Experience the iSenseation

iSense® Gloss Coatings

Meet rigorous standards with our proven results 

With years of market implementation and billions of cans, PPG iSense® performance coatings excel in manufacturing plants, beverage filling lines and retail outlets all over the world.​ These trusted and proven gloss coatings are engineered to perform and meet specifications while delivering outstanding abrasion resistance during the rigors of handling and transport for optimum shelf presence.

Rely on proven performance

The latest generation of gloss varnishes are engineered to cure efficiently and perform consistently with a broad range of equipment and can making conditions. They also provide enhanced abrasion resistance and mobility over previous generations during all stages of can movement, from track work to transit.

From a trusted provider

PPG has integrated our broad track record of experience and know-how in gloss varnish design to provide this latest generation for balance in ease of use, efficiency and durability.