Whatever the can, whatever the pack. Proven food-can technology


As demand for non-BPA, non-bisphenol internal coatings grows, PPG Nutrishield® coatings are your global solution. Whether for 3-piece cans, drawn cans, DWI cans, easy-open-ends, and whatever the size or application process, PPG Nutrishield coatings meet your needs.

We also know that coatings needs vary from region to region, so our products feature a variety of colors and technologies with a wide range of pack capabilities to suit your needs. From dairy to acidic packs and everything in between, think PPG Nutrishield coatings.

Featuring PPG NUTRISHIELD SOLISTA Coatings: Proven, Reliable, Versatile

As the flagship solution in the PPG Nutrishield product line, PPG Nutrishield® Solista® coatings are the worldwide leader in non-BPA internal spray for drawn and wall-ironed (DWI) food cans. The PPG Nutrishield Solista product range is designed to broaden options for pack in a DWI can.

With availability in gold, buff, grey, meat-release and now, white (a global first), PPG Nutrishield Solista coatings provide peace-of-mind regardless of the pack application or can size.

PPG's coatings products are made even more valuable thanks to our world-renowned technical service expertise that helps ensure optimal application on our customers product lines.

The PPG Nutrishield Solista product range is the world's leading non-BPA inside spray solution for good reason: they are proven, reliable and versatile.