Proven protection and performance

PPG HOBA coatings for personal care brands

As a manufacturer of personal care, pharmaceutical products and increasingly in beverage applications, you need to meet stringent safety standards while achieving operational excellence. To meet this demand, PPG offers easy-to-apply protective internal coatings including our non-BPA PPG Hoba® line. These high performance coatings are your global solution for monobloc aerosols, as well as aluminum and plastic tubes.

Our technologies anticipate both regulatory requirements and evolving consumer preferences for safe and versatile products. With billions of cans coated with PPG Hoba coatings to date, these versatile products are optimized to enable canmaker efficiency.

Save energy and reduce your footprint

The PPG Hoba packaging coating is an innovative non-BPA powder-based liner for the internal protection of aluminum aerosols and other monobloc applications. The product contains no solvent and helps brand owners and canmakers meet environmental and sustainable technology goals, such as reducing VOC emissions, minimizing carbon footprint and reducing energy consumed during production.


Our PRO Series of coatings is our professional grade non-BPA that utilizes proven technologies to deliver the efficient results canmakers and brand owners need, time after time. Leveraging proven technology designed for efficiency in high throughput environments, PPG Hoba PRO coatings offer excellent flexibility for even the most challenging can forms, including collapsible tubes.

This product is a non-BPA coating with no other bisphenol derivatives, compliant with all applicable US and EU food regulations and robust enough to handle a wide range of filling goods. PPG Hoba PRO coatings are globally manufactured and supported by our in-country technical service teams.