Setting new standards for caps and closures


You have ever-changing production and regulatory demands, that's why PPG delivers innovative products that evolve to meet your needs—like our PPG TrueTwist® coatings designed for aluminum and steel cap and closure manufacturers.

For uses including twist-off caps, glass jars, crowns for glass & metal bottles or roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) caps for glass bottles. These advanced coatings include our non-BPA PPG TrueTwist® compounds—well-known for their manufacturing adaptability and robustness—including their ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Meeting the rigorous demands of your operation

Withstanding high pressures and temperatures during pasteurization and sterilization processes, PPG TrueTwist internal coatings preserve content and help extend the shelf life performance of goods.

Our liquid compounds, adaptable to traditional injection and rotation techniques, and our PVC-free granulate compounds are suitable for sophisticated extrusion technology, withstand sterilization, pasteurization, as well as hot and cold filling. 

Innovative technologies 

Our coating systems for food and beverage closures go above and beyond industry standards, withstanding the rigors of the manufacturing process further down the supply chain.

We offer our customers an industry-leading line of PVC-free internal coatings, as well as external systems meeting the latest European Union(EU) and Food and Drug Administration(FDA) regulations. We have designed internal systems that are highly acid and sulfur resistant while withstanding high temperature and pressure in processing.