Innovation that goes beyond the surface

When PPG Innovel® coatings were first introduced to the market more than 10 years ago, they were the first non-BPA internal coatings for aluminum beverage cans. Innovation was in the design--and we've never stopped improving and refining this line to meet the evolving needs of canmakers and the marketplace.

Innovation goes far beyond the product itself to our world-renowned technical service teams who work to ensure that your application of PPG Innovel coatings are optimized for efficiency, performance and safety.

Proven global capabilities to meet your needs

Sold in 27 countries, PPG Innovel products are the most widely used and brand-approved non-BPA internal beverage spray coatings. One of the reasons for this global leadership is their ability to handle a broad range of filling goods for any beverage can size as well as compliance with the latest regulations in all global regions. PPG’s global presence also allows access to raw materials and geographically dispersed production facilities ensure a secure and reliable supply chain, minimizing disruptions to product availability.

Formulated for the stringent demands of your industry

We understand that high-speed production requires a coating that is easy to apply and globally consistent. PPG Innovel coatings are designed for flavor-neutral properties and to deliver lower migration than standard epoxy and epoxy mimic coatings.