Behind the Paints with Patrick Evans

At PPG, we are grateful for all of our employees around the world, including our frontline employees who often work behind the scenes in our manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, stores and other PPG sites to make it happen. In our new “Behind the Paints” series, we introduce you to members of our frontline team and showcase the many ways they run it like they own it – at work and in the community.

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Patrick Evans is a laboratory and technical service representative at PPG’s Packaging Coatings site in Milford, Ohio. Considered the resident expert for inside spray and spray equipment across the food, beverage and personal care segments, he makes sure the coatings that line steel and aluminum cans are applied smoothly and seamlessly. It is a critical safety function that protects the contents of canned foods and beverages, helping them stay fresh and free of impurities before they head to store shelves – and to customers.

Patrick Evans holding food can at work

Patricks’ commitment to health and safety extends beyond the Milford site to his local community, where he serves as a part-time auxiliary police officer for the Amberly Village Police Department. He typically works between 30 to 60 hours a month performing a variety of police functions from traffic control to facility security.

"It gives me a sense of peace to know that I can be there when someone needs help."

Patricks’ interest in law enforcement traces to early childhood, when he sat mesmerized as his uncle, a police officer and detective, shared stories of his workday. His interest led him to the pre-police Hamilton County Explorer program as a teenager and the police academy as a young adult. Since then, he has shared his skills at work and in the community as a part-time deputy sheriff with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, a long-time mentor to Explorer program participants, and with his colleagues at the Milford site as a first responder.

"Handling plant issues or customer complaints can be stressful. I often call on my police training to help me stay calm as we resolve the issue at hand."

Staying calm also helps him at home, where he and his wife are busy raising three young children under four, including a 20-month-old foster son.

"I hope that I’m helping to create a safer and cohesive community for my children and the children of those around me. As a public servant and a first responder, I’m also setting an example of service for them."

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