The Importance of AI

Dr. Polina R. Ware discusses the importance of AI on The Metal Pack Pod.

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The following article originally appeared in the Metal Packager. You can also click here to read it.

We welcome Dr. Polina R. Ware, global R&D director at PPG, in today’s episode. Having started her career at 3M as an innovator, Ware is an avid predictor of emerging technology trends and white spaces for new markets.

While at LANXESS she lead Urethane Systems business expansion from Hot Cast Elastomers to participation in the CASE market (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) as well as new product development in cold cast elastomers.

Now at PPG, Ware is on a mission to protect and beautify the world through innovating to engineer out legacy toxic chemicals in metal packaging and developing environmentally friendly chemistries that support circular economy and sustainability.

In this episode, we discuss the increasing importance of AI in business and how this is set to shape the packaging coatings sector in the years to come. As our much-valued podcast sponsors, we’re really grateful to PPG for supporting the show. Their range of innovative solutions helps protect and beautify the world.

Click here to listen to today's episode, the importance of AI on The Metal Pack Pod.

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